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  • I recently earned my Ph.D. at the School of Mathematcs working with Howell Peregrine and funded by E.C. and the E.P.S.R.C. to model 'Spilling Breaking Waves' and 'Swash Zone Motion'.
    The two pictures below were taken by Tim Barnes in the Fluid Dynamics unit of Edinburgh University and by Howell during one of his numerous trips to the seaside.

    Spiller Swash

    These three pictures below have been taken during the experiments for the analysis of standing, steep waves and the related violent water flow.

    Frame1 Frame2 Frame3

    My other work interests are in the field of Physical Oceanography and Atmospheric Sciences. I am currently involved with my collegues Dr. Stefano Zecchetto and Dr. Georg Umgiesser of the Italian National Research Council (I.S.D.G.M.) in Venice in some analysis on the wind induced storm surge within the Venice Lagoon. Here is a brief description of the scientific activities at the I.S.D.G.M. The modelling of the wind field patterns from experimental data collected in quasi-real time over the Lagoon has been done in cooperation with Prof. Morton G. Wurtele of the Atmospheric Dept. of U.C.L.A.
    A list of my publications is available.

    NOTE: This page is under construction.

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